Online Sources Offering Free Help With Your Homework: Should I Trust Them?

The Internet can provide many valid services for students. One click of your wrist can open up libraries and museums for you to tour. But, as with any subject searched online, the person looking for tools must be smart. There are several things to consider when using the Internet to see if you can trust free homework help.

Things to Consider as You Use Free Homework Help from Online Sources

  • The author of the publication or the person assisting you-if the source is free, take a very close look at who is assisting you or who wrote the item you will use. You will want to make sure that the person is qualified to be helping others. Look at his or her education, experience, past work, and reviews carefully. If it all checks out, then use the assistance.
  • The site address-if the address ends in .org or in .edu, you will be safe to use it as an aid most of the time. You will still want to check the person who is responsible for the assistance.
  • Nonprofit groups-many nonprofit groups have sites, which give help to those who may not be able to afford pay help or to access it. Check to see if the group has a rating, certification, and positive business report before you enlist them to help you.
  • Trust your certified teachers-many active and retired teachers now have blogs or Internet centers for assistance. You can pretty much trust a certified teacher to be reliable. If the site looks suspicious ask questions about qualifications and experience. If you do not like the answers, then continue the search.
  • Ask your friends-your peers may know of a reliable no-charge place online that you can use. Ask around and see what places your peers are using for assistance.
  • Textbook publishers-most textbook websites have supplemental tools such as mock quizzes, examples, and extra practices. You should not have to pay to get onto and to use one of these places. You may need a password and user name, but your teacher should be able to give that to you.
  • Student groups-many industrious students have formed an online presence for assistance. As with an adult, you will want to know the experience level and qualifications of the moderators. If it does not seem like a good fit for you, then keep searching.