A tried and tested guide on homework proofreading

Your homework is not finished until you have proofread it. Proofreading is harder than we think it is. It involves several steps and not just reading or re-reading the article; it helps you check whether or not you have included everything and gives you another chance to revise your work. It is always recommended to proofread your homework before submission. In order to do so, follow certain steps that you always need to keep handy, irrespective of the task:

  • Let your work be- before you proofread your homework, keep it aside for a while. Go take a walk or do something else before you begin with your work, this step helps you gain a fresh perspective or viewpoint of your own work. Many a times, we become biased towards our work and overlook the errors but if you let your work be for a while and then resume with it, you would have a renewed perspective and that way you can point out the errors right away. It is this step that the students do not perform, but it is actually the most crucial tip to a better proofreading.
  • Reading aloud always helps - think of the times when our mothers used to nag at us for reading the lessons out loud, those actually helped. While you are reading aloud, the minute errors would re-surface and in this manner you could rectify all your errors.
  • Get a partner - when you are working as a team, it is likely that you can spot each other’s errors.
  • Know your weaknesses - when you see a recurrent error, make sure to ‘search and replace’ your errors and rectify whenever needed.
  • Use spell - checker and grammar checker if you happened to have spelling and/or grammar check softwares, make sure to run them at least twice after you have read your work aloud.
  • Reading your work backwards sometimes help
  • It is better to proofread a hardcopy - print your work out and then begin proofreading. You may also use marker or highlighters wherever necessary.
  • Try to build a habit of proofreading everything you write, be it your homework or a simple text that you are going to send to a friend. It is worth spending some extra seconds on proofreading an article than lose points for sloppy work.