12 most efficient tips on doing homework without help

The subject of homework has always been the least favorite of students, and in desperation they turn to their parents, online websites, professional tutors and other sources. It should, however, be taught to them that home assignments are much more than simple copy and pasting of work from these sources and that it needs organization, a study time and no distractions so that your homework gets done fast. If you are in doubt, have a look at the tips below which will help you with completing your assignment fast.

Make sure you understand each assignment

While you’re in class, have a look at the homework you have been given and clarify doubts from the teacher immediately. Make a mental plan as to what should be done when.

Have a separate study time and place for yourself

The biggest problem with homework is that you get distracted very easily. Bring in all your supplies to study table, if possible. The bed can sometimes make you feel lazy and distracted. Nonetheless, if you are comfortable studying on your bed, make sure it is clean and properly made. Keep the table tidy and have good lighting so that you can concentrate in your work.

Make a list

Make a list of all the tasks you need to do and jot down as much as details in your notebook. It’s good to include the due date, the chapters needing to be read or the instructions from your teachers so that you plan your homework effectively.

Plan your assignments

In your list, divide it into groups of ‘most difficult’, ‘most valuable homework’ and ‘deadlines’. Choose the work that it requires more time so that you get time for the simpler tasks ahead. Choose the math problems that are due tomorrow over the novel you have to read by Friday. Finally, it’s better to complete the project you have to submit within two days over the English problems you have to finish.

Keep a timetable

Set aside the amount of time you think would be needed for a particular assignment and keep a few extra minutes here and there. Stop procrastinating and you’ll be done with work in lesser time. If you don’t finish within the timer, give yourself a few extra minutes. Remember to take a break of 10 minutes for every 50 minutes.

Remove distractions

Many of us think we can multitask, but it is better to switch off our cellphone, move away from the television and study in a quiet place. Check your phone and social media during your study breaks, not when you’re doing your homework.

Concentrate on one task at a time

Concentrate on one task at a time and complete it before moving on the next one, so that you have more to complete all your work. If one of them seems challenging, try switching over to something else for some time and work on it again.

Create incentives to finish

Give yourself a small reward every time you finish a chunk of your homework with a piece of cake, a video game or a favorite television show at the end.

Be efficient and patient

There is no point in doing your homework in a hurry, so better do your work patiently and take your time in doing so.

Take the advantage of any free time

Use the free time you get in school during your breaks and free classes. Instead of wasting your time chatting with friends in such situations, it’s better to get started on your homework. By the time you get home, you will have done a major part of it which means you have more to do other things after completing it.


For your homework, don’t completely rely on Google. Keep a library card and issue books from your college library. Go through various magazine and journal articles to give an edge over other students.

Review your work

After your homework, don’t just slam your notebook. Return to your homework later to check for obvious spelling and grammatical errors and other extra information you might need to get extra points.

Don’t stress over work but make sure that the correct steps are taken to get your homework done as soon as possible.