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Randall cyclone guitar amplifier head

Cyclone Head

The new Cyclone was originally designed for one thing, hard punching heavy metal & modern rock. With the demand so great for maximum gain & power, the Cyclone delivers on all counts. What we didn't expect was how versatile this amp would be. From the 3-band EQ with mid-sweep, and a 9-band graphic, the Cyclone allows you to dial in any tone from the Heaviest modern metal, to the smooth tone of vintage rock. Perfect for 7-string or drop tuning, hear why artists are beating down our doors to get their hands on this one.





  • 300W Mono

  • Two channels - Rhythm/Overdrive

  • Independent Gain and Master Volume

  • dual 3 band active EQs, mid-sweep on distortion channel, 9 band graphic EQ

  • Reverb

  • FX loop - Parallel independent line-out w/Master Level

  • Channel switching

  • Foot Switch

  • C.C. Solid State

  • Mfg. list Price $1199.90

Sorry this has been discontinued



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