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Pearl Export ELX Drumset

Pearl Export ELX Drumset

Export Select - ELX

• 6 Ply 7.5mm 100% Poplar Shells
• Wood Bass Drum Hoops w/Matching Finish
• I.S.S. Tom Mounting System
• Perimeter EQ Bass Drum Heads
• Bridge Lugs
• Recessed BD Claws
• P-120P PowerShifter Pedal
• Super High Gloss Lacquer Finish

Hardware Included
• TH-88 Series Tom Holders
• BC-800W Boom/Cymbal Stand
• C-800W Cymbal Stand
• P-120P Pedal
• H-820W Hi-hat
• S-800W Snare Stand

ELX Colors
# 273 Blue Mist w/Chrome Hardware
# 274 Amber Mist w/ hrome Hardware
# 295 Ruby Fade w/Chrome Hardware
# 297 Green Fade w/Chrome Hardware
# 294 Amber Fade w/Black Drum Hardware
# 298 Black Burst w/Black Drum Hardware
# 299 Cobalt Fade w/Black Drum Hardware

One look and listen to the Export Select Series and you'll understand exactly what all the fuss is about. They have the look, sound, features, and performance of true hi-end drums but without the forbidding hi-end price tag. Export Select offers unheard of value and performance, far superior to any other kit in its price range. That's why you see Export Select kits on stage after stage, played by true working drummers all over the world. Our exclusive low mass lugs on ELX mimic the look of our acclaimed hi-end Masters Series drums, and stunning lacquer finishes allow the visual prestige of its premium natural wood grain to show through.
When you dig deep into the features of ELX, you'll find they're hi-end all the way. Features like our patented Integrated Suspension System Tom Mounts on all mounted toms for an amazingly live tone, a matching wood shell 14"x5.5" snare drum, a full set of our road-ready 800W double braced hardware, the P-120P pedal that offers styling cues from our award winning Eliminator line of high performance pedals, and the H-820W hi-hat that brings speed and response never before available at this price. All drums are fitted with quality ProTone heads including our ProTone bass drum heads with a self-muffling perimeter EQ System. Pearl's exclusive Heat Compression Shell Molding System or HC/sms for short gives Export the tone, warmth, volume and clarity that has made this series the best selling drumset in the world year after year after year.
If you're searching for the true leader in this price range, then you're search is definitely over. Export Select for sound, looks, performance and quality, any other kit seems a distant second choice.

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