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Package systems
Small - Portable

Samson Expedition 308i
Samson 510i
Kustom sound systems
Peavey Audio Performer Pack
Peavey Escort


Peavey speakers
Peavey Impulse 1012
Peavey Impulse 1015
Peavey PR10
Peavey PR12
Peavey PR15
Peavey SP2
Peavey SP3

Powered speakers


SHS S-212-a
Powerwerks PW100T
Anchor Audio MEGA-7500
Hot Spot
Peavey PR12P
Behringer B212d
Behringer B215D


Crown XLS1000
Crown XLS2500
Peavey CS4000
Peavey IPR1600
Peavey IPR3000
Peavey UMA 1502

Powered mixers

Behringer PMP1000
Behringer PMP2000
Behringer PMP4000
Behringer PMP6000

Peavey XR8300
Peavey XR8600
Peavey XR1212
Peavey XR1220

Non-Powered mixers
Peavey mixer
Behringer Xenyx 502
Behringer Xenyx 802
Behringer Xenyx 1202FX
Peavey PV6
Peavey PV6USB
Peavey PV8
Peavey PV10
Peavey PV14
Peavey PV14usb
Peavey PV20
Peavey 24FX
Peavey 32FX
Peavey PVI 8B
Peavey S-24

Monitor speakers:

Kustom monitors
Peavey monitor
Studio monitors
Samson MediaOne
Alesis MK2 Monitor
M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Deluxe


Audio-Technica PRO 31
Audio Technica MB1K
Behringer XM1800s
Samson CO1
Samson C01U
Samson C02
Samson C03U
Samson C03
Samson VP1 package
Samson C01
Samson R21
Samson Q1
Samson Q3 inst mic  
Samson Qmic  
Samson R11  
Samson  S11
Sennheiser MD421-U II
Shure Beta 58A
Shure SM58
Shure SM57  
Shure 55SH  
Shure 10AM
Peavey PVM46
Peavey Podium PM-18S
Peavey Studio Pro M2
Peavey PVi2

Impedance transformer

Wireless microphones
Guitar systems
Peavey wireless microphones
Headset systems
Handheld mic systems
Presentation - lavalier
Wind Instrument systems
AKG Perception Wireless
Samson AirLine 77 Guitar
amson Airline 77 headset
Samson Airline Micro Earset
Samson Concert 77 Handheld
Samson Concert 77 Headset
Samson SWSYSLM-N Lavalier
Sennheiser ew 110 G3 LE
Shure PGX24 / SM58 Handheld

Compressor / EQ

Alesis Nano Verb
Behringer MDX2600
Behringer FBQ3102
Samson S-com
Samson S-com plus
Samson S-com 4
Samson E30i EQ
Samson E31i EQ
Samson E62i EQ
Soundtech ST152
Soundtech ST152+

Soundtech 301
Samson Crossover
Peavey crossover
Peavey effects module
Peavey PV 215EQ
Peavey PV231EQ
Peavey PV23XO
Peavey QF131
Peavey QF215
TC Electronics M 350
TC Electronics M One XL

Audio Technica ATH-M20
Audio Technica ATH-M2X
Audio Technica ATH-M30
Audio-Technica ATH-P1
Behringer HPM1000
Shure SRH440

Snake cables
Direct box
Power distribution-protection
Rack mount cases





Soundtech PL200

PA amplifier for sound systems. Sopundtech PL200. PL 200. In studios and installed systems worldwide, sound professionals have relied on the SoundTech Power Lab Series amplifiers for years of faithful service. Power Lab amplifiers utilize rock-stable conventional transformers and low-bias class-AB output topology to give you solid bass and crystal clean highs. DC Music is a complete music store on line offering you the lowest prices on musical equipment shipped to your door for only $4.99 in the 48 U.S. states. Order on line or call our toll free number and place your order with our helpful staff. View any of the main departments above by clicking any button or sub menu within a category at the links on the left side. Thank you for your interest in DC Music. A "Complete music store on line!"

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The two-channel PL200 is a tiny 1-space powerhouse for studio monitoring and bi-amplified systems. It provides 100 Watts per channel into 4 0hm loads, 65 Watts per channel into 8 0hm loads. In Mono-Bridge mode, the PL200's entire 200 Watt output is delivered into a single 8 0hm load.

Convection cooling is used in the PL200 for quiet operation in studios worship houses and other noise-sensitive applications. Ample internal cooling fins and generous vent areas keep the PL200 running smoothly under heavy loads.

Full protection is provided for both speakers and AC mains, making the PL200 a very safe amplifier to use. The PL200 protection circuits constantly monitor for short circuits, under-/overvoltage mains, output DC fault, output overcurrent and over temperature situations.

The PL200 is covered by SoundTech's 5-year Built-Tough warranty, and is available with CE certification for Europe




Inputs Specifications
Impendence (unbalanced)
> 15k 0hms
Impendence (balanced)
> 15k 0hms
+4 dB (1.23V)
Connector (unbalanced)
1/4" Phone Jack x 2
Connector (balanced)
XLR-F x 2
Outputs Specification
Power Output(EIA)
4 0hms
100 Watts x 2
8 0hms
65 Watts x 2

8 0hms Mono/Bridge

200 Watts
Frequency Response (+ 1dB)
20 Hz-20 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion
Channel Seperation
84 dB
Damping Factor @ 8 0hms
Slew Rate
48V/u Sec
Voltage Gain (EQ sliders at 0dB)
30.2 dB
Common Made Rejection
90 dB
Hum and Noise
>60 dB
1 Power LED
1 Power LED
2 ClipLED
Short Circuit Current Limited,
DC Fault Protection, PowerUp/Down
Transients, Fused Outputs, AC Line Fuse
Speaker Output Connectors
5-Way Binding Post
Speakon NL4
Power Requirements
Mains Voltage
110~120, 220~240 VAC


50-60 Hz
Fuse Rating
120 Volt. 5A
220 Volt. 2.5A, 240 Volt. 2.A
19" x 8.5" x 1.75
483 mm x 216 mm x 44 mm
Net Weight
14.3 Ibs/6.5 kg

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